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SmartBooksPlus has a large number of satisfied customers across New Zealand. Our customer testimonials are the best way to see what real users think about our product, and service.

Nigel Bird | NT Construction Ltd

At the end of the day Xero is very simple to use and has saved us a lot of time and money. The helpdesk at SmartBooksPlus is excellent and made it easy for us to get started. I was always behind in my accounts before but now I’m always up to date.

John Frederick Peens | Freds Fine Foods Ltd

We are manufacturers and retailers and Xero is the answer for us. Xero is an excellent product and we are very happy with it. All my life I’ve wanted something like this. I’m excited about it. The helpdesk at SmartBooksPlus got it running at 100% for us and made it very easy to change from our previous system.

Maria Bayly | Jade Securities Limited

I’m not really an accounts person so I need to call on the SmartBooksPlus helpdesk which has been very helpful and I find Xero easier the more I use it. I can reconcile the accounts when I want to. I especially like the accounts receivable which I didn’t have before.

Olivia Woud | Play School Ltd

We have just started using Xero for our accounts and are still finding our way around it. So far it looks very good. I’ve found the helpdesk at SmartBooksPlus great and very helpful in getting us started.

Sandra Mcdougall | Upper Hutt Community Childrens Centre Trust

Has found Xero quite pleasant to use so far. The SmartBooksPlus helpdesk were amazing and someone even came out and sat with me to teach me how to use it. The service is excellent.

Callum McKenzie | mckenzie+higham architecture

We have certainly been impressed with the SmartBooksPlus helpdesk team. We aren’t (and don’t think like) accountants, so value their paitence, and ability to respond to our queries in a manner that matches our understanding; and they’ve always been very quick to respond, which we really appreciate.

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